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In the analysis of texts, it is often useful to have a list of all occurrences of particular words, and the contexts in which they occur. Such lists are called a concordance, or a 'key word in context' (KWIC) list. Here I have taken the transliteration of Geoff's and made such a list, using the concordance program available from the Summer Institute of Linguistics (see below). The list is rather long, so I have broken it up into sections (see links above).

The text references follow the system published by Erman, which divides the text into sections and lines (eg. VII, 24). You will see these interspersed in the text, using a bracket on one side, and a colon on the other. I hope to include the AEL page lines later, and I intend to add the Erman numbering on the AEL hieroglyphic pages. At least this is a start!

I have deleted very simple words, eg. the suffix and dependent pronouns, the preposition 'n', and the genitive 'n.y'.

If you have trouble finding a word, perhaps the transliteration is not quite what you expect, eg. As.t (place, seat) for the usual s.t . Look it up in the vocabulary (clickable, or general).

Comments and criticisms are welcome as I hope to constantly improve this site.

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