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The Great Hymn to the Aten
Transcribed and scanned by Geoffrey Graham.

This rendition of the Great Hymn to the Aten from the tomb of Aye at Amarna was copied by Geoffrey Graham from pages 93-96 of Maj Sandman's _Texts from the Time of Akhenaten_, Bibliotheca Aegyptiaca VIII, Brussels: Edition de la Fondation Egyptologique Reine Elisabeth, 1938.

The line numbers are only for the purposes of discussion of this text on the Ancient Egyptian Listserve, but the small numbers in circles above the lines are the original column numbers of the text as it appears in the tomb. At the end of the text, there is an addition of the titles of Aye taken from a different wall in the tomb.

As for the nature of this text and its orthography, the reign of Akhenaten saw the appearance of many Late Egyptian features in monumental inscriptions. There are certain signs which are used in place of more traditional ones. For excample, Gardiner's sign Aa15 (/jm/) almost always replaces the owl with the value of /m/. Another Late Egyptian feature is the use of {=w} as a variant for {=sn}, the third person plural pronoun suffix.

You will undoubtedly find other strange usages, which we can discuss on the list when they are encountered. The usage of {sic} above the lines indicates: 1) a place where Sandman used {sic} because a writing was unexpected; and 2) a place where the copyist has found a writing which could be potentially confusing to beginners. This notation is in order to alert you that there is something unexpected, so that you will be able to think about what is written and then decide how to treat it.

All 13 columns of the hymn have be transcribed and are available in two forms:

Low resolution version provides convienient viewing of the hieroglyphs with your web browser and offers a faster download.

High resolution version takes longer to download, but looks much nicer when printed out.

To supliment the transcript by Geoffrey Graham, the version by N. de G. Davies has been kindly scanned by Jerome S. Colburn. This version is from N. de G. Davies, The Rock Tombs of El Amarna, VI, Egypt Exploration Society, London 1903-1908, plate xxvii.


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