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Ancient Egyptian Language Discussion List

Welcome to the website of the former AEL discussion list! This forum is now closed, but the website is being maintained for the time being in the hope that the information will still be useful to anyone studying Ancient Egyptian.

Topics that were discussed included: learning/teaching egyptian, useful text books, hieratic, coptic, grammar, phonology, meanings of words. There were often several threads, usually one of which is a discussion of a particular text, i.e. translating it and discussing its grammar, meaning, etc. We have translated the Weni text (an inscription from the OK), the Shipwrecked Sailor (hieratic/ME), the Story of Sinuhe. From time to time we did some exercises such as those in James Allen's 'Middle Egyptian', or Gardiner's 'Egyptian Grammar'.

Direct Links to current and recent work:

Scarab Texts
A selection of texts transcribed from scarabs.

Merenptah Stela
How Merenptah repelled a Libyan invasion of Egypt

The Dispute between a Man and his Ba
A man attempts to persuade his Ba to remain with him into the afterlife, in the event of him taking his own life.

The Egyptologists' Electronic Forum (EEF)

The EEF is AEL's sister list which is owned by Aayko Eyma. Whereas the AEL focuses solely on the ancient Egyptian language, the EEF is a moderated list for the discussion of general Egyptology! For details, check out the EEF homepage.

Study Middle Egyptian grammar with "GlyphStudy" yahoo group

Online and studying since 2005, GlyphStudy is a free, student run study group which offers study "sections" using a variety of popular Middle Egyptian grammars. There is usually one introductory and one full college grammar section running at any given time. Click here for more details.